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woman applying facial mask

Warm Oil Mask 
Once a week you can treat your skin to a warm oil mask using one of the 5 JW Exotic face and body oils. Remember to apply your eye cream for further protection to the eye zone area and choose an organic essential oil combination (blend) which is suitable for your skin. This mask applied weekly will assist to super hydrate and moisturize your skin. 

You'll need a natural bristle pastry brush, 10mls of Enrich plus (a balanced blend of Jojoba, evening primrose and rosehip cold pressed oils) and 4 drops in total of your chosen essential oils - or you can use one of your Exotic face and body oils pre-blended for your convenience. 

When making your own: warm your base oil (Enrich plus). Add your chosen essential oil/s and mix with the natural bristle brush, apply the oil with a pastry brush in a thin layer over the throat and facial area, over the nose, and through to the hairline in long sweeping strokes and around the eye zone area. Lie yourself down and rest for 10 minutes and allow your blend to absorb deeply. Remove with a warm wet compress or face cloth.

Facial Mask/Clay - Deep Cleanse and Detoxify 
For this treatment you will need 2 dessertspoons of natural clay. Then add 2 drops (in total) of your organic or exceptionally pure essential oil/s. Add a little purified water at a time until you have a smooth paste. You can use a natural bristle pastry brush to mix and smooth it over the surface of your skin. Do not paint the paste inside the eye socket as it is too drying to the delicate skin in this area. Apply it around the mouth and do not apply it to the lips.

You can blend your exceptionally pure or organic essential oils with a fine paste of kaolin powder. Apply the mask with a pastry brush to the skin in long strokes, once again avoiding the eye zone area.