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Vaporization – inhale change and support wellness

Vaporization – inhale change and support wellness

Vaporization provides the perfect means to permeate the atmosphere with the delightful aromas of your favorite organic essential oils. As the droplets evaporate our sensitive olfactory nerves transmit the scent molecules to our brains. The effect on our minds and bodies starts within seconds.

The entire range of organic and exceptionally pure essential oils is suitable for vaporization. It is important that you always choose the essential oils that you like, those that please your senses; practice using them in different combinations so that you create your favorite blends. Be mindful as you practice. You may find there are some oils, which have a quieting effect on your mood. If you want to stay alert then choose from the stimulating essentials such as Lime, Lemon, Rosemary or Grapefruit. You will find that by varying the oils and combinations, you will be able to constantly change the atmosphere in your surroundings. You can choose when to relax or stimulate your senses and when to refresh and uplift your spirit.

Vaporizing is so simple. Any vaporizing unit will do as long as it's not made from plastic or any other porous material. An electric vaporizer work well overnight, with the elderly or children. It's very safe. The vaporizer that requires a nightlight candle to warm the water and disperse the vapor provides a wonderful ambience. Either require you to (unless otherwise instructed) fill the bowl on top of the unit with water and dispense 8 drops of your chosen pure essential oil/s onto the surface of the water. It's now time to turn the unit on or light the match, ignite the candle and when it warms the water the heat dispenses the essential molecules into the air as they evaporate.

Choose the oil combinations, which please you and in the beginning, keep the strength of fragrance discreet. If you're working with others begin with just a few drops and introduce them slowly and you'll find that others will respond even more favorably to your new aromatic environment.

Enjoy it when you can set ambience ahead of time. For example, when it's time to go to sleep, every night light your vaporizer with oils such as lavender, marjoram, orange and sandalwood. Light your vaporizer so that your bedroom is filled with an aroma that permeates the bedroom well ahead of retiring. When you open the door to the bedroom all your senses will be assailed with the sweet smells and the bedroom environment will encourage you to go to sleep and truly have sweet dreams.