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Self massage – moisturize your skin daily

woman massaging her face

This daily practice will alter your life forever! Nurturing and caring for yourself will increase your self-esteem and your own sense of worth. It can also make you more attractive to others too. The sensory experience of organic and exceptionally pure essential oils enhances self-awareness and will turn a normal, everyday activity into a joyous, aromatic and sensual experience.

The cumulative effects of daily massage are also very strong, promoting a lasting feeling of well being, which is experience inwardly and reflects outwardly.

Every day take a few moments to massage your body from top to toe. It is a great opportunity to check it out, monitor the changes and react to the signals. Moisturizing your skin after your shower, or before you dress, in the morning is how you and your skin will get the most benefit. It is during the day, handling the nuances of life that we sometimes need all the help we can get.

Either choose one of the daily face and body oils, pre blended especially for ease of use; either Rose, Roman Chamomile, Neroli, Lavender or Jasmine (to nurture) or choose one of your Zodiac (to revive) or Dream (to relax) blends. If you want to create your own, do so, simply follow the instructions outlined in the Massage section.

Add a small amount of your blend to each palm. Rub your hands together to warm and spread the oil. Start rubbing it in your skin, you can start with your toes and work up your legs, crossing around your abdomen (move in a clockwise direction over this area), move over your chest and breast area too. Many women store a lot of emotion in this area. Now move up your arms, include your hands (each and every knuckle), then back up into the back of the neck (give this a good go) and finish with your face. Be sure not to rub your aromatherapy blend into your eyes, it is best to stay outside the eye socket.

Make sure you include the back of your body, cover your spine as far as you can comfortably reach, then give those buttocks a good rub before you complete. It's good to alternate either starting from the feet, from the hands or the neck and shoulders, just to keep your body guessing, provide your body with change whenever you can.

If you are making your own aromatherapy body oil to moisturize your skin, make sure you invest in a few different organic essential oils - so you can practice mixing and matching your blends; your fragrance free Enrich or Enrich plus body oil becomes the medium to transport the active ingredients of the essential oils over your skin. An average body size will utilize approximately 10mls of Enrich or Enrich plus, you can pour it into a glass or ceramic bowl (never use plastic) and then add 5 drops of your chosen pure essential oils (not of each)- only 5 drops in total. If you're making up a facial skin oil or a children's massage blend, all you need to do is add 1 drop of organic essential oil into Enrich or Enrich plus before applying.

Remember, with all massage base oils avoid contact with the eye area, especially with infants. If you're giving them an aromatherapy massage avoid contact with their face and hands so that they don't rub those volatile liquids into their eyes. In fact Enrich Plus fragrance free body oil is perfect for babies.

Remember to store your personalized Aromatherapy blends in glass containers and in hot climates it's a great idea to refrigerate them, to prolong its life. Stored correctly; Enrich will stay fresh for approximately 2 years and Enrich plus will stay fresh for 5 years.