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Other assorted uses

Other assorted uses

Foot Bath
Disperse 5 drops of essential oil/s (in total) into a large bowl of warm to hot water. Agitate the water. For foot massage treatment place a cloth under the water on the bottom of the bowl, drop a few large marbles into water on top of the cloth. Roll the marbles around with the soles of your feet for a fabulous foot massage. Take a foot bath at meal times, or late in the evening to help you relax, or after a hard day at work. Soak the feet for a minimum of 15 minutes. Remember your foot bowl is portable so it's easy to ease a stressful day at work and use it when seated at your desk!

Direct (Neat)

Direct application- Apply a few drops neat onto a cotton bud or onto a sterile gauze and apply to the affected area.

Disperse 2-3 drops of essential oil into 200mls of distilled or purified water. Agitate the water. Swab: bathe the area with aromatic water and cotton wool pad. Wash: sprinkle the solution over the skin with aromatic water.


Apply three drops of essential oil onto the palm of a hand. Rub hands together and quickly rub through the hair. Or add essential oils onto a cotton pad and place it in a hidden place within your clothing. You can blend 2-3 different oils for your individual scent.

Aromatic Steam
10 drops of essential oil to the shower basin.

Creating an aromatic steam filled environment can addresses the uncomfortable symptoms that accompany bronchial or breathing disorders. To create an aromatic environment you can use the shower in your bathroom. Place a washcloth over the plug-hole in the shower basin. Add 10 drops of your chosen oil/s to the shower basin. Turn on the hot tap, as the water ruptures the essential oil molecules (on the floor of the shower basin) the aromatic molecules begin to evaporate and rise with the steam into the air. Make sure all the doors and windows are closed. Spend time deep breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth. Or alternatively, in through the mouth and lungs to assist the airways to open and function properly. If you have a small child with croup this is an ideal treatment - you can sit them on your knee and read them as storey within the steamy aromatic climate of your newly created steam room.

Fragrant Sprays
5 drops

Use the above spray method with a combination of 3 essential oils and you can deodorize and freshen your bathroom. Spray several times into the toilet bowl after flushing to cleanse and fragrance.

Place a hanky laced with essential oil into your lingerie drawer for a long-lasting effect. Alternatively, a few drops in the last rinse cycle of your wash will do the trick. A hanky impregnated with oils popped into the dryer with clothing also makes clothes smell fantastic.

Caution: Be careful with the oils which retain their natural color, e.g. Orange.

Bed Linen
Place a potpourri bag with your favorite blend in the linen cupboard. For those special evenings, a few extra drops on satin pillowcases and sheets will set the mood. Essential oils easily wash out of clothing and bed linen, so don't worry about stains.

Aromatic Ironing

5 drops

Disperse 5 drops of Lavender oil into a small glass, or stainless steel spray can, filled with water. Shake well. Delight yourself and your clothes as your work.

Room Sprays

10 drops to 500mls water

Using a glass or stainless steel spray can, add 10 drops of oil blend to 500mls of distilled water. Warm the water before adding the oils. Spray the environment to freshen and cleanse the atmosphere. This spray can also be used on furniture and carpets.

Potpourri Bowls
You can buy unscented potpourri blends at leading department stores to which you can add your favorite essential oil blend. Stir the potpourri regularly to keep it fresh and light. Alternatively, save the rose buds your lover sends you and place them in a bowl. Add a few drops of Rose Otto to give them extra fragrance. If you're more the mountain-air type, gather pine cones, clean leaves and woodchips next time you're out walking to make your own nature mix. Just add the appropriate blend to suit your mood.