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Massage – treat yourself or someone you love

Massage – treat yourself or someone you love

Treat yourself or someone you love. It takes a moment to create a quiet and private environment. Make sure that the room is warm for the person receiving the treatment (for our body temperature lowers when relaxed). Candlelight creates a wonderful ambience. To provide a gift to another, 'receiving' must be present. Help others contribute to your life too, accept an aromatic treatment when it is offered in return.

50 drops of essential oil in 100mls of either Nourish, Enrich or Enrich Plus (fragrance free) daily body oil
(This formula can be modified to create smaller massage blends. The ratio is 2:1. For every drop of essential oil add 2mls/.07fluid ounces of massage base oil).

The aromatic massage can be as professional or as personal as you like. The rubbing action will activate the nerve endings in your body and stimulate the circulation of blood to the surface of the skin - thereby increasing the entry of the oils into your body. Massage has an incredible relaxation response on the body in its own right. And combined with an aromatherapy prescriptive blend using a combination of organic essential oils, it becomes a powerful therapeutic tool.

Massage is an important contribution to our health and beauty - it promotes circulation, stimulates the release of toxins through the lymphatic system and provides a sense of warmth and well being.

As the body is cleansed of toxins, the skin is given a new suppleness and elasticity. Your aromatherapy blend will moisten and hydrate the skin, enhancing your innate beauty.

Up to three or four essential oils can be combined with your chosen fragrance free body oil (Enrich or Enrich plus). This addition enables you to incorporate the individual strengths of each oil into your life, extra energy, relaxation, courage and strength are literally within your reach. Aromatherapy massage can create a change in the presenting condition with 48 hours, simply introduce them to your body mind and emotions and allow them to produce results.