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Inhalation/Facial Steam – cleanse your body and clear your mind

Inhalation/Facial Steam – cleanse your body and clear your mind

Inhalation is another way in which the vaporization of your organic and exceptionally pure essential oils is used to balance physical disorders and to help in the release of emotions. You can use a ceramic, steel or glass bowl (your bathroom basin is ideal) and half fill it with near boiling water. Have ready your chosen organic essential oil/s and a large clean towel.

Add 3-4 drops ( in total) of your chosen pure essential oils onto the surface of the water and agitate gently with a utensil (too hot for fingers or hands) to release the vapors. Suspend your head over the basin, at a distance that has you embrace the steam without burning you skin. Keep your eyes closed and cover your head with the towel. Leave room for some fresh air to circulate into the steamy environment. Begin to breathe deeply. In through the nose and out through the mouth.

The steam will make your skin sweat. Great for skin care. Your nose will most probably drip, let it! It is your inhalation, it will do you good to drain your sinus area, especially if you are experiencing the symptoms of a head cold. Your head should be at least 20cms away from the surface of the water. Continue to inhale for up to 10 minutes for maximum benefits.