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Compress – Hydrate and Cleanse Your Skin

flowers and a cup of herbal powder

There are two specific uses for a compress. For facial skin care, a compress is useful for softening the skin and promoting cell regeneration. For therapeutic applications, compresses may be used in first aid; as a cool compress can help to relieve pain and swelling, and will reduce inflammation. Hot compresses are generally used to relieve chronic pain, while cold compresses are ideal for acute pain or injury.

You may also release pent up emotions by inhaling the vapors from a warm aromatic compress. Dispense 3-6 drops (in total) of your chosen organic and exceptionally pure essential oils into 200 mls of water, agitate the surface of the water, and then soak a face cloth in hot or cold water to which the pure essential oil blend has been added. Make sure the cloth absorbs as much of the oil as possible from the surface of the water.

Facial Compress Combinations

Compress Blend 1 (Mature, Dry Skin)
Frankincense - 1 drop Sandalwood - 1 drop
Clary Sage - 1 drop


Compress Blend 2 (Oily Skin)
Lemon - 1 drop Grapefruit - 2 drops

Keep compress cloth away from the eye area.