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Bathing your children

mom giving her baby a bath

Most importantly give an aromatic bath to your children. They absolutely love bath time, and if they don't, this is how they will. They respond so well to either organic Roman chamomile, lavender or sandalwood. Only one drop of organic and exceptionally pure essential oil only is required in their entire bath - if you are using a pre-blended Lavender body oil you can add one small capful to the bath. When you're sitting next to them on the edge of the bath simply lift the face cloth, bathe their back and wash their face. This is an opportunity to educate our children about how to release their stress. Help them enjoy the experience. As parents we lead by example.

Be happy, speak gently and lovingly, and they will respond accordingly. Wring out the face cloth when you wash their face, ask them to hold it away from their face and take in big breaths. They only have to do a few. You may take this moment to tell them how strong and healthy they are and how proud you are of them. Enact it for them so you breathe in at the same time. Many times I've watched my children move from that erratic, active pace to a quiet calmness, and by the time they get into their pajamas, they are absolutely ready for a good night's sleep. Choose from any of the Dream pure essential oil blends to maximize relaxation and the sleep inducing effects of the pure essential oils contained within.