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Bathing with your partner

A couple on a beach

Another variation on the aromatic bath is an aromatic partner bath. Set up the room in the same way as for a night-time bath. This time choose music that you and your partner both enjoy. It may be something sensually arousing or seductive or you may choose a musical track that is relaxing and sleep inducing for you both. This time you may choose to light several candles. Sit at different ends of the bath and as you become more relaxed, perhaps begin by sharing your day. Blow out one candle at a time until you have only one remaining.

This is an ideal time for each of you to take your partner's foot on your lap and massage the soles of each other's feet with your new aromatherapy blend. One takes the lead and the other one follows. With your thumbs you simply press and release the soles of the foot and just allow each other to gradually seduce the body into deeper relaxation, triggering the acupressure points on the soles of the feet feels great, especially when you get out and stand up again.