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My favourite Jojoba product!

bottle of Jojoba oil

I have been purchasing the Jojoba products for about 8 months and not only do I love the natural benefits of Jojoba but I have quickly seen marked improvements in my skins appearance from diminishing fine lines to fading sun spots. People often comment on my skin and I am happy to point them in the right direction, so much so that to the delight of my regular customers I now use only Jojoba skin care and serums at my home beautician salon. I have not had one negative feedback or reaction to this amazing product. True to the Jojoba Company's claim suitable for "even the most sensitive skin". I have used the nourishing and the absolute serums in conjunction with my ultrasonic microdermabrasion facials with beautiful results of fresher and much more hydrated, firmer toned skin. Can't rave enough.

My most favorite product to use is the Nourishing Serum as I recently went to Bali where silly me got badly burnt on my nose. Upon returning home with my nose looking like parchment I immediately applied the nourishing serum twice a day and before the week was over my nose was completely healed with no red spots of peeling or cracks. Its my magic skin healer, fantastic, and would not have believed a product. would do that unless I saw it myself. Thank you for making this product available.

Veronica, Koondoola WA