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Safety Information

Safety Data for the Safe Use of cross cultural essential oils and essential oil blends:

Photo toxic cross cultural essential oils (citrus oils); are not to be use in the presence of UV light, long exposure to natural sunlight or sun beds

Avoid use on mucous membrane (eyes, mouth & throat or vagina) unless directed to do so

Avoid use on sensitive skin; red and inflamed unless specifically indicated as a treatment for this condition always follow the dosage recommendations

Avoid topical use on open wounds or broken skin

Keep out of the reach of children to be administered by adults

Avoid Marjoram in the presence of low blood pressure or depression

If irritation occurs use a cold pressed oil (or Milk, if you have no cold pressed oil) to remove essentials from the skin

If essential oils are rubbed into the eyes do not remove with water. Soak a piece of cotton wool with Milk and bathe the eye area.

Do not apply essential oils neat to the skin unless directed to do so. Always avoid contact with the eyes

Avoid for those who have Convulsions (epilepsy) and High Blood Pressure: Peppermint, Rosemary, and Sage.

If an rare isolated reaction occurs to one of our cross cultural essential oils (idiosyncratic response relates to the one in a million person who may react adversely to a known safe material) then remove the oil with cold pressed oil and seize to use until the symptoms of the reaction subside and see your practitioner, therapist or doctor before reintroducing the cross cultural essential oil

Always do a patch test on sensitive skin before applying the cross cultural essential oil (always diluted as per directions of use) to the skin by applying it to the inside of the wrist and leave it on the skin for 24 hours to check for any skin sensitivity

The Dosage for each application or method of use varies. There are also different dosages according to age and size;Birth-5years 5years-10years 10years-16years and 16 years-Adult which are located for every application within the Methods of Use Section.

Important Information Please Note

Before using any cross cultural essential oil or essential oil based product it is necessary to refer to the product profile reference guide located in Our Product within the Cross Cultural Essential Oil section and adhere to all special care instructions where applicable. This information is also printed on the packaging of every product.

You can locate contra indications applicable to individual pure essential oils in the more detailed information section located in Our Products within the Cross Cultural Essential Oil section. It also comes printed on the packaging of every product.

Before using any pure cross cultural essential oil or cross cultural essential oil blend refer to the dosage recommendations for each application as indicated in the Methods of Use section. This information is also included with every product.

Please note the following information regarding the Topical Dosage for Children and Pregnant Women: A baby's skin is so much more sensitive and thin than an adult. Essential oils pass transdermally much more quickly. An adult can deal with any adverse reaction far more easily than a child. Dosage must be reduced for infants children and pregnant women please adhere to dosage recommendations located in the Methods of Use Section for each application e.g. massage vaporization bathing or compressing.

Avoid the topical use of the following essential oils during Pregnancy: Basil Clary Sage Cedarwood Cypress Eucalyptus Lemongrass Lime Fennel Ginger Marjoram Peppermint Rosemary Rose Sage Tea Tree and Thyme.

Methods of Use

Compress (C)

3-6 drops into hot or cold water

Dispense 3-6 drops in total of your chosen essent...
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