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Hand & Special Care incl Masks

Hand & Special care products

Skin recognises Jojoba's unique molecules as its own and lets jojoba in to deeply penetrate and caress your skin working in complete harmony with your body, leaving skin moisturised, deeply cleansed and luxuriously hydrated - the way nature intended.

Jojoba is fabulous when used for recovery from over exposure to wind and sun (for both skin and hair), plus soothing for the body for massages. Jojoba mixes with skin sebum and follows its pathways down to skin cell and skin matrix levels destroying bacteria, dissolving dried skin sebum and creating a deeply moisturising barrier across the skin that allows the transfer of gases and nutrients, whilst locking moisture in.

Jojoba repairs and aids the damage which is done by over exposure to elements.

Acne Serum

Blemish Control Serum 50ml

Fast acting intensive serum for problem skin, it can "trick" the skin into thinking it is ...

AUD: $29.95
Botancial Hydrating Mask

Botanical Hydrating Face Mask

Deeply hydrating to rebalance dryness and re-energise. 80ml.

AUD: $39.95
Bead + Bamboo Facial Exfoliant

Jojoba Bead + Bamboo Facial Exfoliant (EE Cream) 80ml

A jojoba bead infused exfoliant to remove toxins, renew and rebalance skin. 80ml. This new...

AUD: $39.95
Lemon & Coconut Hand Cream

Lemon & Coconut Hand Cream 50ml

Revitalising hand rehydration cream. 50ml.

AUD: $22.95
Redness reducing balm

Redness Reducing Balm

Redness Reducing Balm 50ml. This antioxidant rich formulation contains cooling and calming...

AUD: $29.95
Skin Refining & Brightening Mask

Skin Refining & Brightening Mask 80ml

Evens skin tone and reduces the apperance of pigmentation. 80ml.

AUD: $49.95
Pimple control

Spot On Pimple Control 25ml

Intensive control for those annoying individual spots that come from nowhere. 25ml.

AUD: $24.95