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Powerful Parenting

Powerful Parenting

Give yourself and your children the joy of Powerful Parenting.

This 12 step program works!

Time-out chairs, naughty mats, thinking rooms, penalties, cancelling TV or play, discussions, rewards, apologies, bribes, counting to three before punishing… Adults really do have numerous ways of reacting to children's behaviour!

Reactive Behaviour Management is based on the premise that behaviour is a series of punishable offences, and that children will modify their behaviour when an adult reacts. If only it was that easy!

Children today need to learn the behaviour skills they lack. To learn, they must be taught. As parents it is our responsibility to make sure this learning takes place. It's time to put the naughty mats back in the cupboard where they belong, and to focus on skilled, effective, and powerful behaviour management.

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