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Supporting Organic Certification

Supporting Organic Certification
At Organic Factory Outlet we support Organic Associations that set the highest standards for the Organic and Bio-dynamic aromatherapy, skin, body and hair care industries, for example - JW Organics choose the best certification association to certify each product in accordance with its ingredients, processing and product type.

ECOCERT: Certified Organic Association governed by COFRAC (French Committee for Accreditation) which set the highest world standards for the Certification of Certified Organic Cosmetics.

ACO: Biological Farmers Association/Australian Certification that audits a business' methods to ensure that they comply with national or international standards for organic farming and processing.

DEMETER: Biodynamic association

Essential oils that exceed the minimum standard, such as Premium Organic and wild harvest essential oils of the same species are presently governed by both Ecocert & BFA, are both independent organic certifying groups; that audit the growing conditions, processing, manufacturing and supply of organic ingredients & products. The Bud logo is the organic symbol that consumers widely recognize and trust and is used by more certified operators than any other in Australia.

Ecocert and ACO protect and govern the certification of various aspects of the organic industries in the case of Cosmetics they are accredited organizations with the Australian Government and the CONFRA (French Committee for Accreditation); JW Organics aligns with both to govern the allowable ingredients and the manufacturing practices by means of the ECOLOGICAL AND ORGANIC COSMETICS standards.

Ecocert defines a requirement level that is superior to the conventional regulation governing cosmetics, thereby guaranteeing the genuine practice of environmental respect throughout the production line, respect for the consumer and the promotion of natural substances of a superior ecological quality. Certified Organic ingredients are controlled by the monitoring of the following:

SOIL FERTILITY: Soil is managed through crop rotations and the use of green manure crops, compost, and natural mineral products to maintain natural soil fertility. Artificial fertilisers are prohibited.

PEST & DISEASE CONTROL: Plant health is maintained through careful planning, suitable crop rotations and mechanical and natural methods of pest and weed control. Artificial pesticides and herbicides are prohibited.

GMO's: are strictly prohibited at every stage of production. GMO's are not allowed on the same production unit, even if you are not seeking certification of that area.

CONSERVATION: The development of a healthy environment, enhancing landscaping features, native plant and animal species are encouraged. For example, this may include maintaining treed areas as an important wildlife habitat which must comprise 5% of property area by July 2005.