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Great write up in Body and Soul

Great write up in Body and Soul

Jojoba oil: nature's skin drink


Yo yo! Have you heard about a great natural ingredient called, Jojoba (pronounced 'ho-ho-ba')? In its purest form it's called an oil but the golden elixir is actually a wax. It has the same molecular structure as human sebum, which means, as Carolyne Gowen from The Jojoba Company explained, "When you place it on your skin, it thinks, 'this is mine' and absorbs it instantly." Time to slip me some you know what.

The plants have been grown here for the last fifteen years and harvested in the last five (apparently jojoba plants take a whole decade to fruit). They like dry, arid climates which would explain why they come from Arizona and why they also flourish here in our bushlands.

The plants produce a small brown bean, the size of a naked peanut and the oil is extracted from the first cold pressing. The Jojoba Company grind the shell and put it in its exfoliating scrubs.

Jojoba oil is pretty versatile stuff. It's an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant so it's good for break outs, aging and irritated skin. It quickly calmed a little itchy spot I had on my ankle recently and my face is also loving it. It usually feels tight by the end of the day but the products I slathered on last night (see below) have kept it hydrated. It feels soft and very comfortable. Carolyne also informed me that it's used in many skincare products because it can carry ingredients down to the lower layers of the epidermis, where they might not otherwise reach.

Another fab fact: A one hectare jojoba crop absorbs 1.66 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere. Amazing! So by supporting the jojoba farmers you are also helping the environment. Makes for guilt free indulgence, doesn't it? Spend on one of these with a clear conscience…

The Jojoba Company Pure Australian Golden Jojoba, feels incredible on the face. Great for dry, sensitive or oily skin types. It's liquid gold.