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Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil
Jojoba oil

Jojoba Oil has long been recognised for its unique qualities. It soothes, nourishes and moisturises skin like no other substance on earth.

Known as nature's wrinkle fighter, jojoba is used as the active carrier in many anti-ageing treatments. It is naturally antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, hypo-allergenic, analgesic and contains powerful antioxidants, Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids and vitamins A, D and E.

Why choose natural for your skin?

Skin is the body's largest organ and well over half of what we apply to our skin is absorbed. Just think about how skin patches are used to deliver nicotine and hormones into the body.

Many everyday skincare products have chemical preservatives and synthetic ingredients your skin can recognise as harmful and react accordingly. If you work hard to avoid eating, drinking or inhaling chemical preservatives and synthetic foods, beverages and gases then why would you risk ingesting them through your skin if you had a natural alternative?

Easily Absorbed

Skin recognises Jojoba's unique molecules as its own and lets jojoba in to deeply penetrate and caress your skin working in complete harmony with your body, leaving skin moisturised, deeply cleansed and luxuriously hydrated - the way nature intended.

When jojoba is used for massage the huge jojoba molecules rolling across each other give a luxurious feel.

Jojoba mixes with skin sebum and follows its pathways down to skin cell and skin matrix levels destroying bacteria, dissolving dried skin sebum and creating a deeply moisturising barrier across the skin that allows the transfer of gases and nutrients but holds moisture in.

Jojoba has some remarkable properties. In its pure state, it is naturally antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, hypoallergenic, analgesic and contains powerful antioxidants, Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids and vitamins A, D and E.

The growing, harvesting and processing methods used for jojoba have an enormous impact on the unique properties that make jojoba such a special base in skin care products.

Jojoba as it is used in skin care formulations is a golden liquid wax (not an oil). This is contained in a brown bean that looks a little like a coffee bean and drops (or can be shaken) from the shrub.

Pesticide Free Australian Jojoba

We farm our jojoba plantations naturally with no pesticides applied to the plants. Australia has no serious pests or diseases that affect jojoba. After harvest, our beans are cold pressed under Organic protocols in a Certified Organic extraction plant . The resulting golden jojoba is first-press, extra virgin in nature and, to absolutely confirm its safety and purity, each batch of jojoba produced by The Jojoba Company is independently screened for background pesticide residues by Sydney University.

Gently Cold Pressed

At The Jojoba Company, we carefully and gently cold press our beans to release the remarkable golden jojoba liquid wax. This is done very slowly to keep the temperature low to protect the precious balance of nutrients and importantly, the healing vitamins that help skin. We don't get all of the golden jojoba out of the bean this way, but the alternatives of heating or solvent extraction upset the natural nutrient balance in jojoba. This is not a choice we would make for our formulations.

Protecting Precious Nutrients

Much jojoba produced worldwide is extracted by heating the jojoba bean before crushing. This method gets more wax out but heating has been proven to destroy many of the precious vitamins, changes the natural nutrient balance and denatures some of the fatty acid profiles.

Many products also include clear jojoba which is produced by filtering golden jojoba through heated clay. Heat also burns off precious vitamins and nutrients and strips out a significant amount of the natural goodness the jojoba shrub builds into jojoba beans in the plantation.

There is a place for some heavily processed jojoba products for industrial purposes but they are not in formulations from The Jojoba Company.

Fresh and New Jojoba

In some instances jojoba is 'repolished' which is a process where old jojoba is filtered to remove any impurities that may be building up as the product begins to break down. Jojoba rebirthed this way is diminished in quality by filtering. As a result, remaining volatile nutrients are damaged and the largest molecules that give golden jojoba its luxurious skin feel are mostly stripped out. Repolished jojoba can often be identified by weakened colour without the rich deep glow of fresh cold pressed pure golden jojoba. We would never do that. Every drop of jojoba in our formulations is from beans harvested and pressed in the current year.

Jojoba is the drought and salt tolerant perennial shrub Simmondsia chinensis. It is ideally suited to vast tracts of the inland regions across Australia and can live for centuries.

In Australia, the jojoba plant is not affected by any serious pests or diseases so no chemicals are applied to the shrubs. Additionally, plants do not need cultivation so fossil fuels are not burned maintaining them.

Jojoba is a carbon negative crop - in other words it eats carbon from the atmosphere. A hectare of jojoba as it is grown in Australia absorbs 1.66 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere each year.

The fertilised flower of the female shrub forms a pod. A bean similar in appearance to a coffee bean forms inside the pod. When the bean is fully mature the pod splits and the bean simply falls from the shrub.

Jojoba beans hold a luxurious golden wax. We very slowly and gently cold press the beans to release the wax while protecting precious natural nutrients. About half of the mass of the bean is the liquid wax we call golden jojoba.

Jojoba molecules do not readily bond with other atoms or molecules so jojoba has a very long shelf life. When we add other active ingredients the jojoba protects them as well - another reason why jojoba is the foundation for our skin care range.

Unique in the Plant Kingdom

Isolated in the desert, Jojoba followed its own evolutionary path. Its cells and enzymes produce absolutely no glycerol. They combine fatty alcohols and fatty acids to make this golden liquid wax entirely unlike oils made by other plants that combine glycerols with fatty acids.

The molecules of golden jojoba have unique shape and size, and unusual properties. Two chains of 20-22 carbon atoms make the jojoba molecule distinctly different.

Golden jojoba is so similar to the wax esters that naturally cleanse and moisturise young skin that skin does not recognise jojoba as anything other than its own. Skin lets jojoba in.

That is at the heart of product development at The Jojoba Company.

Our passion for producing the highest quality jojoba starts at our own farm. Our plantings are of varieties of jojoba selected for quality and adapted to Australian conditions over many years. These plants love the sunny Australian outback where the jojoba plant is not affected by any pests or diseases, so no pesticides need to be applied to the plants. Also, no animals attack or eat the jojoba plant, they just live in peace with their environment.

We allow our jojoba beans to mature naturally on our shrubs and to dry naturally in the plantation to ensure all of the goodness captured in the bean is allowed to develop as nature intended.

Pure cold pressed golden jojoba is the foundation of our product range. It is why we are here.