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Winter moisturising – it’s a must!


Yes, winter moisturising really is important! As we all know, our skin tends to become much dryer during these colder winter months and our skin needs to be replenishing frequently with a good organic moisturiser.

How to choose a moisturiser?

When choosing a moisturiser, you want to select something based on your skin type. For example there are formulas for oily or acne-prone skin (look for "oil-free" and "non-comedogenic" on labels); sensitive skin; and dry or mature skin. This will be the basis of your decision, plus choosing an all-natural or organic product to avoid hidden colours, chemicals or perfumes.

Our top hydrating winter moisturiser picks:

  • Face - our two choices; the first being the Intense Overnight Renewal Cream which is a restorative, luxurious cream with concentrated powerful natural active ingredients. The second is oil, either the Ultimate Youth Potion or Pure Golden Jojoba oils; an oil can be mixed with the moisturiser or used on its own.
  • Body - a lotion is generally not penetrating enough in winter, therefore a thick cream based moisturiser will be much more effective. The Jojoba Company have two delicious body soufflés; Tuberose & Clementine and Coconut Citrus.
  • Hair - our hair needs attention as well! Try the Pure Earth Conditioner which is a herbal blend, suitable for sensitive skin types. Combine with a treatment; a couple of drops of the Pure Golden Jojoba oil into a hair treatment or through the ends of damp shampooed hair. This will condition and protect against the seasonal elements.
  • Hands - we can all get tired and dry hands during winter, however with daily moisturising we can ensure hands stay hydrated. Try the Lemon & Coconut hand cream as it has Vitamin E and coconut oil - plus it is a convenient size for handbags.

If you have any questions about what moisturiser might be best for you, please get in touch!

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get rid of acne | Friday, 19 October 2018 6:09:53 PM
This is a very nice blog for winter care for the full body with face and hands. In winter we have to take care of skin more because cool air absorbs the moisture of skin so we have to apply a good moisturizing cream or moisturizer.