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Why use organic shampoos and conditioner?

Using organic hair care
Ever wondered why organic shampoos and conditioners seem to be the growing trend? Well, it's simply for the health benefit of the customer. Organic shampoos and conditioners don't use the same harsh chemicals that regular everyday shampoo and conditioners do.

SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) is found in most non-organic shampoos and conditioners. SLS causes skin, eye and scalp irritations that can leave long term health problems. Well, why do companies sell those shampoos and conditioners then? Simple, SLS is a very cheap chemical so they sell it cheaper than naturally made hair products.

However, that really is not safe! Aside from non-organic products using SLS, there are many other reasons as to why you should use organic shampoo and conditioner. Whilst using organic products your hair appears shinier, smoother and all round healthier. Your hair is less dry because it isn't being stripped of all of its natural oils. It has been said that hair colouring lasts longer and when using heating products (hair curlers, hair straighteners) your hair isn't getting as damaged easily.

However, some people still prefer to use non-organic products as it's cheaper and it's available in more stores. Organic products don't foam up because it doesn't contain the SLS.

Customers tend to assume that the product isn't working properly when it is. The non-organic brands tend to smell better too because of all the added chemicals.

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