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Why toners are important to your skin care routine

Floral water toner
There has been much discussion around toners and whether they are a necessary and important step in your daily skincare routine. Toning skin is often overlooked. It seems the majority of people are simply uneducated as to its purpose in the cleansing process, with much debate suggesting they aren't effective and can be drying to your skin.

A good quality toner, such as The Jojoba Company Antioxidant Mist will ensure that all left over traces of dirt and makeup are removed, while it tightens the appearance of pores, tones and restores skin vitality. Cheap, supermarket brand toners can be detrimental to certain skin types as they are alcohol based and prone to dry skin out, rather than rehydrate and soothe skin like those products which use natural and organic ingredients.

A humid climate and warmer weather causes our skin to sweat, producing additional oil and encourages pore blockages. Toners are of extra importance especially during summer to remove excess make up, oils and dirt, and to prevent blemishes and acne.

Where do toners fit into the skin care process?

A good skincare routine can definitely be taught; the general rule is to cleanse, tone and moisturise, morning and night with organic based skincare products that will ensure skin is healthy, clear and glowing.

Top 3 reasons you should be using a toner:

  1. They remove the last traces of your make up;
  2. Soothes your skin and provides some antioxidants back into it;
  3. Minimises blocked pores and therefore reduce the chance of breakouts occurring.

MYTH BUSTED - Toners suit all skin types:

  • Those with dry skin will use a oily/ cream based cleanser - a toner rids the skin of excess product residue;
  • Those using for anti-aging purposes - can benefit from the antioxidants a toner provides;
  • Those with oily or acne prone skin - should always tone skin to remove excess, oil and dirt to prevent block pores and acne.

Another great product that can be used to tone and hydrate skin are Floral Waters. These organic waters are infused with essential oils, and can also be used to replenish and boost dry, damaged or inflamed skin and also to set your makeup after application. These floral waters leave a calming and beautiful natural fragrance refreshing the entire body.

Try an organic toner or Floral Water on your skin today and feel how one extra step can make all the difference!

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