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The benefit of using Pure Essential Oils and Blends

pure essential oils

We all know how it feels to be stressed, tired, anxious and for us girls the feeling of bad PMS. Although, I'm not a counsellor and I cannot guarantee to fix all of yours problems and mood swings. What I can do however is introduce you to Pure Earth's pure essential oils and blends.

These oils are in most cases derived from vegetables, seeds, kernels or nuts; they are completely natural and use pure organic ingredients. They are nature's own healers.

The oils come in 12ml glass bottles with the exception of eucalyptus and tea tree which are also available in the larger size 50ml bottles. There is an oil to suit everyone's liking or need.

Some of the ways to use essential oils are using a massage blend to ease tired limbs after physical activity. For a foot soak it is best to add a few drops to a large basin of water to relieve tired feet and foot aches. Another way to use these essential oils is to inhale it from your burner or sniffing it on a tissue. See here for a full list of using essential oils.

Essential oils can also be used as a replacement for perfume. Perfume ages your neck because of all the chemicals in it. Many of the chemicals in perfume are the same as cigarette smoke. Perfume can cause headaches, sinus problems and even in rare cases asthma. When applied to the skin, perfume chemicals go directly into the bloodstream. The inhaling of the chemical fumes travel straight to our brains, which can sometimes cause the 'narcotic' effect. The narcotic effect means becoming addicted to perfumes. This is much like a drug addiction. The pure essential oils can be added to jojoba oil which work as a moisturiser as well as a perfume, and can lift your mood naturally. So leave out the perfume and replace with your favourite essential oil.

Pure Earth oils come in many different styles. There is oil available to suit any mood or application. There are specific oils that work to tame nerves, anxiety and tension. There are oils which help relieve stress and PMS. Some oils come as an anti-depressant for mild upset. There is even oil which has a romantic feel to it and can increase your libido. So the many different types of essential oils are there for your use every day.

To see for yourself check out our Pure Earth's pure essential Oils and Blends and our entire section on Using Oils.