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The Ultimate Summer skin diet – Eat seasonal!

Seasonal fruit that are good for skin

Just like your body needs nutritious food to function, your skin needs the right type of vitamins and minerals in order to be healthy, glowing and in the best possible condition.

It is extremely important to have variety in your diet so you get a wide range of nutrients in every meal - so put as much colour into each meal as you can! By eating seasonal fruits and vegetables you can do just that - here is a guide to make sure you eat some of the best of what's on offer this summer and into early autumn.

Summer fruits and vegetables to include in your diet:

  • Berries - blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and cherries - these berries will provide antioxidants, vitamin C, and vitamin E and have anti-inflammatory properties to benefit skin appearance, elasticity and complexion.
  • Melons - honeydew, rockmelon, watermelon - these are cholesterol and low in calories plus honeydew and rockmelon are said to provide 45% and 80% of the daily vitamin C needed, respectively.
  • Vitamin C rich vegetables - chillies, capsicums, pumpkin, carrots, tomatoes are in season - vitamin C contains ascorbic acid which is key to the production of collagen, a protein that aids in the growth of cells and blood vessels and gives skin its firmness.
  • Green vegetables - zucchini, avocado, spinach, snow peas, beans, and broccoli -are high in vitamins A and C, riboflavin, folic acid, calcium and potassium. Vitamin C and E are important to prevent skin damage internally and externally.

Get that glowing summer skin, treat your insides as well as your outsides!

Do you have a specific dietary requirement or question? Get in touch and ask our naturopath today!

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