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Survival pack for parents

Survival pack for parents

'Survival of the fittest", was that written as a warning to parents? If you haven't realized it yet, we need all the help we can get to help us thrive within the parenting experience. Challenged emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, socially and financially; it truly is a holistic journey. Thank goodness for Aromatherapy; those organic essential oils that can help us regroup, recharge and revitalize every corner of our life.

Yes there is a survival pack of 3 for women. The Euphoric Clary Sage for (PMT, over sensitivity and depression); Soothing Lavender (for rest, repair and irritability); Balancing Geranium (for balancing hormones, emotional extremes and the overwhelmed). Here is the fastest most effective survival tip when using this combination; for it will bring instant emotional and mental relief and treat your skin at the same time. Dispense one drop of each onto the centre of a hot, really wet face cloth. Wring it out, open it put it onto your face and breathe deeply; have a quick cry if you wish as you press the flannel onto the face using a press and release action. Repeat this several times. If you are in a heavy emotional conversation, call for time out, retreat to the bathroom and save yourself - it works like a miracle. Enjoy!

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