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Storing oils and blends

bottles of organic essential oils
It is so important to store your precious oils, blends and products in the right way.
  1. Keep them in a cool environment out of direct light and sunlight.
  2. Keep the lid tightly closed to prevent evaporation and oxidisation and avoid touching the inner lid or dropper insert with your fingers to prevent contamination.
  3. Always keep the corresponding lid and oil together to avoid adulteration.
  4. Citrus essential oils have a shorter life span than do other essential oils - 1-2 years - to visually identify if the essential oil has oxidised; hold it to the light; if the oil is completely cloudy rather than clear, if there are hair like strands suspended in the contents and if the citrus odour has diminished. The fragrance should always smell fresh and clean even if there is a slight natural opaquenes.
How to smeall your oils:
  • Open the bottle and hold the opening approximately 10cm from your nose
  • Wave the bottle back and forth quickly under the nose to get an impression of the odour.

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