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Save your skin from a festive season hangover

purify skin

The silly season is now upon us and it's a time where we all let our hair down and join in on a range of festive occasions. Additional parties and social events usually mean we drink more alcohol, eat food not normally part of our diet and spend more time in environments such as bars and night spots. All of these factors can affect our skin, so it's good to take extra precautions while we're all indulging.

What does consuming alcohol really do to your skin?

Immediate effects of drinking alcohol can include red blotchy or even flushed looking skin. This is not always common, however everyone's skin is different and it pays to know how your own skin will react to certain types of alcohol, and then plan to avoid this as much as possible.

The biggest and most common cause is dehydration. As you substitute your water intake with alcohol, the toxins take effect on skin to make it look dry, dull and even blotchy. Long term, this can cause premature aging.

So the no brainer here is…drinks lots and lots of purified water to replenish and rehydrate the body from the inside, out. When you're out, remember to have a glass of water in between drinks, and plenty before you go to bed!

Post-party rescue remedies

The day after a party is important to help skin recover, some extra steps to take to relieve and purify your skin, include:

  • Cleanse your skin to remove dirt, grime and toxin build up;
  • Exfoliate and use a foaming face wash to rinse pores deeply;
  • Aromatherapy steam can be calming and have topical benefits, so try a few drops of essential oils on a steamed towel to open pores for skin to breathe;
  • Tone your skin to return nutrients and tighten pores;
  • Use an intensive moisturiser, or even mix a couple of drops of Jojoba oil with your regular moisturiser for extra hydration.

If you have any particular skin care or health related questions, or need some advice on the best product for you, please feel free to ask our naturopath by sending us an email here.

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