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Putting your best foot forward – get summer ready feet!

feet care
During the winter months our feet tend to go into hiding! Boots and other closed toe shoes that we wear are harsher on feet, normally leading to calluses and general build up of dead skin. By summer we seriously think about getting feet ready as sandals and strappy shoes come out of our closets once again.

Giving your feet a bit of love shouldn't cost the earth! This is why we want to list the best natural and organic products and pampering tricks that you can do at home to get beauty salon results, without the price tag.

The must have products to get your feet ready:

  • Exfoliating mit/ brush or pumice stone - the Eco Tan Extreme Exfoliant mit can be used wet or dry to remove dead skin - don't limit the smooth skin feeling to your feet, use all over to increase circulation and diminish cellulite too!
  • Heavy body soufflé/ moisturiser - a heavy moisturiser or body soufflé is needed to bring moisturise back into dead and tired skin, and replenish fresh skin after exfoliation. *
  • Cuticle oil - once you've tidied up your cuticles (do not cut too short) and exfoliated you should nourish and seal cuticles with Pure Golden Jojoba oil - a great all rounder product.
  • Massage oil - depending on whether its been a big day or you're ready to relax, Pure Earth Relief or Relaxation essential oil blends will be the perfect addition to your foot massage.

*Beauty tip - for extra hydration, lather your feet up with moisturiser and sleep in a pair of socks so it can be absorbed throughout the night.

Now you've got the right products, what should your ongoing regime include?

  • Try and scrub daily - use hot soapy water and your exfoliating mit or even a hard bristled brush.
  • Moisturise feet before bed - use a good body soufflé or foot cream, and sleep with it overnight as it has time to absorb.
  • Keep hand moisturiser in your handbag and moisturise regularly throughout the day.
  • Spruce up nails with a good clip and buff, plus a good lick of nail polish never goes a stray - try a bright summer colour.

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