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Look younger the natural way

Look younger the natural way

Skin Damage, How can we reverse it?
Well possibly it's the science of Glycobiology, there is a center in Berlin that's focus is Glyco Biology.

What's That?
It's the study of complex sugar in tissues known as glycans

Through developing a vaccine for Malaria they have found ways that can make you look younger. Professor "Peter Seeberger" from the Max Plank institute believes there is enormous potential in the untapped science of glycans.

How they Work?
Glycans are all over the surface of our skin, they are our essential network system.

No Glycans /No dialogue/It's like a breakdown in communication that causes aging and allowing the skin to wrinkle through lack of renewal between the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin

This is how the malaria vaccine was formed by making synthetic glycans that in turn block malaria and have proven to give 100 percent effective results

Cracking the code helps us to understand how and why the skin ages.

At the science lab of L'Oreal on the outskirts of Paris they are working on a major revolution in biology, they working on cracking the code of glycans and have discovered you cannot live without them

They are learning that when the messages breakdown between the epidermis and dermis junction which is rich in glycans the skin breaks down causing wrinkles and sagging to appear

L'Oreal has discovered how to switch glycans back on with the use of certian ingredients. The science is contained in a cream that contains these ingredients and tests on real skin have shown amazing results, however more testing still needs to be done and until it is published in the peer review journal it doesn't have the power of fundamental science behind it it's a watch this space scenario at this stage

In the meantime the following foods will help your skin look younger and fresher and that's already scientifically proven

  • ½ a kilo a day of vegetables daily; (coloured and bitter tasting mainly)
  • Fruits; pomegranates, blueberries, raspberries
  • Lycopene; tomato paste, watermelon, peaches
  • Protein and pro biotics
  • Oily fish.

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