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Keep blemishes at bay this summer

Blemish control

As the weather warms up and the months roll in to summer, this marks the peak time of year when skin tends to be its oiliest. The rise in temperate and humidity levels makes us sweat more, causing the skin to produce excess oil, which usually leads to blocked pores and even blemishes or stubborn pimples.

Following a good skin care routine every day will assist to keep skin oil regular, whilst ensuring dirt, grime and sweat are cleaned from your face each day. Cleanse to remove make up and oil, use a foam face wash or one which has light exfoliation ingredients, such as the Jojoba Company Bead Facial Cleanser to deeply purify pores. Finishing off the process with a good tone and moisturiser (which will vary depending on your skin type) to return antioxidants to the skin and rehydrate.

Also remember that Jojoba Oil is the oil most similar to the skin's natural sebum and hence your skin treats the oil as it's own, instantly absorbing it deep into the skin epidermis. Jojoba Oil can trick the skin into thinking it has produced enough oil, so halts the over production that causes problem skin.

Remember to also keep hydrated from the inside out by drinking plenty of purified water! Increase your water consumption in summer to ensure you keep your body temperate regulated and are constantly detoxifying your skin.

Top simple tips to keep face shine and blemishes under control:

  • Don't use a thick day moisturiser - the warmer weather is less drying on skin, so generally its not needed;
  • Always tone your skin in order to minimise the pores before applying moisturiser and make up on your skin;
  • Keep the use of facial oils strictly to your night time skin care regime;
  • If you have really oily skin use a serum rather than daytime moisturiser - this will still nourish the skin but aim to tighten pores and discourage shine throughout the day.

If you are someone with really oily skin, a serum such as the Jojoba Company Blemish control serum is a must try organic product. It contains aloe vera to calm skin and reduce any redness, plus it has a strong base of nettle and burdock extracts together with totarol - known for its natural antibacterial properties.

Please feel free to ask us a question if you are looking for a special organic or natural product to help aid a skin concern you may have, such as oiliness. We love to hear from you!

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