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How to treat Acne - at any age

Treat acne at any age

Eat clean! Treat your body well and fuel it with organic, fresh and whole foods plus the minimum 8 medium glasses of water per day to ensure the balance your body needs. Fruit, vegetables and clean foods contain vitamins and nutrients that replenish skin, whereas processed and artificially coloured and flavoured foods increase oil and hormone production leaving skin unable to regulate sebum production.

Top food additives to steer clear of:

  1. Refined sugar/ salt - if its packaged or processed - read the label!
  2. Oil/high fat food - anything classed as "fast" or "convenience" food.
  3. Excessive dairy consumption - milk/dairy products can increase hormone production.

It's the same with diet; keeping your skin clean is the best way to stop blemish bacteria spreading, skin breaking out and acne getting worse. We recommend a skincare regime, such as the Acne Attack Pack by The Jojoba Company that has a range of products to assist with mild breakouts to more intensive acne needs.

  • Cleanse - foaming cleanser penetrates deep into pores to rid oil, dirt and makeup. Lightly exfoliate - the bamboo bead cleanser gently banishes any remaining surface bacteria and removes dead skin.
  • Tone - blemish control serum seals cleansed skin with calming aloe to reduce redness and nettle which serves as an antiseptic.
  • Moisturise/ Condition - restore moisture with Pure Golden Jojoba Oil, non-comedogenic & with properties close to the oil our skin produces.
  • Acne spot treatment - clay-based to draws pimples to the surface and dry's the blemishes oil but not the surrounding skin area.
Why organic is a long-term solution?

Most mainstream products contain a range of chemicals, colours and fragrances or harsher medicated chemicals, which have intense drying effects on skin. Although this might clear up acne faster, it does not nourish and rejuvenate skin cells; therefore long-term your complexion remains dull, while spots and scars are less likely to be corrected.

Be a preventer!

When you see the first signs of a bad break out coming on it is important to take the steps, discussed above, as a preventative measure. Acne can leave skin red or inflamed, the pigment discoloured and even with some long-term scarring - so take the necessary steps early and avoid this happening.

Healthy skin is important, so don't let breakouts or acne ruin your self-confidence! If you have any special dietary questions or want to know more about The Jojoba Company Acne Attack Pack, contact us online.

4 Comments Posted

natural acne treatment | Friday, 1 November 2013 3:11:53 AM
Drinking enough water everyday can help make your skin healthy and it can prevent acne from formation. And, of course, once you got acne and you want to erase it, make sure you follow the right way of removing it, the natural way.

Monica Jones | Tuesday, 24 October 2017 10:48:57 PM
I always believed my acne was hormonal and skin products would make no difference - I was so wrong! has honestly given me a new lease of confidence. I've tried their Vitamin C skincare product and the results are absolutely phenomenal. It's refreshing to see a skincare brand out there that genuinely works for people :)
Liverpool Natural Health | Thursday, 19 July 2018 1:28:13 PM
Other women becomes oily on the first week of their monthly period. Why is that? When is terms of the cause and treatment, we should know the real cause that trigger the acne. I'm glad I found your post. Many needs this kind of information. A natural way to approach to treat the acne is the best for our skin. Thank you.
acneohno | Monday, 8 October 2018 10:19:05 PM
Beautifully said !! Yoga is really an effective measure to treat acne and any health issue.Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.