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How to beautify your skin

How to beautify your skin

Skin conditions are commonly occurring and can have many contributing factors that both internal and external. From a naturopathic perspective, it is important to explore the underlying cause but mostly there are simple yet effective ways to reduce the appearance or even reverse common skin disorders.

Stretch marks

Usually occur more frequently in individuals with poor elasticity and the earlier they are treated (such as the 'purple/pink' stage), the better. Too maintain skin integrity, Omega-3 fish oils are essential as well as zinc, vitamin C and biotin. Topically, an oil such as Jojoba oil that is massaged into affected skin can diminish the appearance over time, and is crucial for prevention (e.g. during pregnancy). Extra vitamin E oil or Rosehip oil can also be applied to the affected area. Internally, a herb called Gotu kola is a restorative herb for the skin and may help in prevention. Be wary of synthetic oils on the market that may not be as effective as plant-based or cold pressed vegetable oils as they are inferior due to poor fat soluble vitamin content.


Although this appears on the skin, it is a sign of what is occurring in the lymphatic and detoxification systems of the body. It is common in females due to hormonal factors, and can be strongly controlled by genetics!

However, we can help to reduce the severity of the orange peel appearance by exercise, especially toning and conditioning ones. Modulating your estrogen levels is crucial, consuming phytoestrogens such as fermented soy products (miso, tempeh), flaxseeds and chickpeas as well as sufficient fibre. Limiting animal and dairy products as well as avoiding Bisphenol-A containing plastics which can be estrogenic. Consuming rosemary, probiotic containing food or supplements and broccoli are good at helping to remove detrimental estrogens from the body. Another factor is maintaining stable blood sugar as fluctuations in insulin may contribute.

To improve the lymphatic flow of the body, dry skin brushing is encouraged (use a natural bristle brush such as tapioca). Also, regular massages, exercises and deep breathing. To improve microcirculation, some essential oils such as ginger and black pepper are invigorating and heating which can help improve connective tissue. Be wary of miracle cellulite cures as they are likely to be making false claims.

Fungal infections

Women are susceptible to patchy-like fungal growths on the skin's surface which can be due to stress, poor diet, suppressed immunity and gastrointestinal issues. It is best to see a practitioner in this case due to the various contributing factors and high likelihood of reinfection occurring if treatment is inadequate. However, antifungal agents include olive leaf extract, thyme and oregano, Pau d'Arco (a herbal medicine), coconut oil and many nutritional yeasts such as Sacchromyces Boulardii. Coconut oil is also a great antifungal that can be administered topically into the skin surface.

If you have any specific questions or want to know more, you can ask our resident Naturopath Laura from Abundant Health Naturopathy via our Naturopath Enquiry form.

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