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Environmentally friendly skincare

environmentally friendly skincare

The wax esters found in youthful skin sebum naturally deep cleanse & hold the precious moisture that keeps skin looking firm and youthful. As we reach our early 20s, our wax ester production begins to slow down, leaving our skin vulnerable to the premature signs of aging. Incredibly, similar wax esters are found in the jojoba bean.

Jojoba oil - cold pressed from the jojoba bean - has a moelcular structure similar to the wax esters and so is highly effective in reducing those visble signs of aging, and is an important carrier for other anit-aging products, treatments and cosmetics.

Jojoba is environmentally friendly. The jojoba shrub can also live for 200 years, is drought and salt tolerant and can be produced in the hot, semi-arid coniditons found in Australia. It also draws large amounts of carbon from the atmosphere, making it a carbon negative, environmentally friendly solution to anti-aging.

So many positives, so many results!