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Detox your body for better skin

Detox your body
The way we treat our bodies internally has a big impact on how our skin looks and general health. Many people contemplate whether a detox is for them, we can't give you that answer but here are some things to consider and also some of the positive effects that detoxes can have on your body.

What does it involve/ what should you consider for an ultimate detox:

  • Try and up the ante on hydration by consuming more than the standard 8 glasses of water a day
  • Choose organic, fresh and also consume a wide range of raw fruits and vegetables
  • Try to stick to a predominantly vegan or vegetarian meal plan
  • Ensure your meals are fibre rich as it stimulates your bowels, allowing you to excrete toxins
  • Avoid all caffeinated drinks during the detox period (this can include some teas too - stick to herbal!)
  • Vitamin supplements should also be taken to ensure you receive the vitamins and minerals you need while only eating certain foods - this is important as it protect your tissue and organs.

What you can expect to experience while on a detox*:

  • Some people experience headaches during the first few of days of a detox as your body adjusts to the caffeine, sugar and processed foods you are no longer consuming in your daily diet
  • Better bowel motions - consistency and regularity
  • Increased hunger - this is normal, while your body is consuming only unprocessed and fresh foods you can afford to eat more - so don't deprive your body
  • Deeper sleep - unprocessed foods mean chemicals or caffeine aren't messing with our bodies hormones
  • Most importantly clearer skin, brighter eyes and more energy!

*Please note: results for detoxes vary for each individual.

Although we personally love a good detox and how it makes your body and skin feel, if you have a special medical condition or you're not sure if a detox is right for you, then we urge you to consult a health care professional to discuss further.

Detox beauty tip: Make sure you exfoliate your skin regularly to stimulate the skin cells, this will encourage toxins to flush out of your body! We love the Eco Tan Extreme Exfoliant mit!

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